Andrew McHone

JOB TITLE: Prior Military (NAVY) currently attending the Art Institute to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Food and Beverage Management.

FITNESS JOB: NPC Men’s Physique Competitor, Member of Team ZERO GRAVITY Fitness

Fitness is something I have always been drawn to.

I had been In San Diego for a few years and had seen one of the Owners (Albert) training multiple times at the gym. After stopping by his store and talking to him about the team and the store I was very intrigued and drawn to the family like atmosphere that the employers and team members have. I believe it is crucial to surround yourself with positive goal oriented people that share the same goals and aspirations that I do.

My mom passed away when I was 17. I am the baby of the family. I have three older siblings. I have always strived to make my mom and family members proud of me. Along with that I love helping others and motivating them to reach their goals. These are my main motivations in life.

Stay dedicated and stay consistent. Fitness and life goals do not happen overnight.

I have always led a pretty healthy lifestyle. Growing up I played Baseball, Football and also started Kickboxing around the age of 11. Fitness has always held its place in my life. In regards to weight training I would say I started when I joined the military, I gained about Forty pounds my first year in and this was the worst shape I have ever been in. At this point I made the decision to get back to where I used to be and get back to living a healthy life. Fast Forward to 2012 when I was introduced to the world of Mens physique and fitness competitions. Ive never been a person that liked being in front of large amounts of people or that would go out of his way to get on a stage and have all the spot light on me. Competing was a way to prove to myself that these were things that would be a healthy challenge for me while also giving me goals to reach and conquer.


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National City
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