Luis Maciel

Job Title Bartender and Personal Trainer Fitness

The desire of become a better person, fitness has helped me in all aspects in my life, I learned to appreciate the little and beautiful things in my life. I have learned how to be more positive and humble person, I’ve learned that no matter how hard the situation is, I know I have the strength to push forward and be successful!

I’ve been with USPN since day one in my journey; they have always given me their support unconditional! Not only as my sponsors but also as a friends and family as well!

Never give up! Even though when everything seems to be against you, every single person has the power to change things, we build our own destiny with the right amount of effort and courage!

Success motivates me! My daughter its my biggest motivation, when she looks at me, I want her to be proud of who her father is!

Life is full of problems, you probably going to stumble, trip, and fall many times, many will the fuck up but learn to comeback strong and always keeping your head up! There’s nothing wrong with failure, it’s how you get back up and learn from that mistake turning it into a lesson learned, so stand up and keep fighting!

In life you always have to options when the times are hard, either you keep on bitching about your problems or you stop bitching, grab the bull from the horns and handle the problem! I always recommend the 2nd option!!


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Chula Vista
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Chula Vista, Ca 91910
National City
831 E. 30th St
National City, Ca 91950
San Diego
7710 Balboa Avenue
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La Mesa
6447 University Avenue
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