Nicole Clark

Job Title: Server/Bartender at Karinas Mexican Seafood Cuisine
Fitness Job Title: NPC competitor

After I graduated high school I gained 25 pounds due to my poor eating habits and drinking. I hated my body and the way I felt, it got to the point where I never wanted to leave my house. One day I decided that I didn’t want to feel like that anymore and wanted to change. I started hitting the gym one day at a time and became addicted. Let me tell you, this did not happen overnight, but it did happen! I lost 28 pounds and fitness became my passion!

I first heard about USPN through Angel. At the time I was working at Chuze Fitness and Angel was a member. I had never heard of USPN prior to that. I remember speaking to Angel about my fitness goals when he would come in and he would constantly motivate me to go for them. I was never knowledgeable about supplements and/or protein prior to this. He introduced me to USPN and I immediately felt important and comfortable when I first walked into one of his shops. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This wasn’t just a business, but a family. We are a family who motivate, push, love and support everyone’s goal. You can automatically feel the love, support and trust that USPN offers. I feel privileged to be on this team and to have such amazing teammates who have turned into family.

My advice would be to never give up. I know how it feels to think that certain goals are unattainable, but let me tell you, I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve their fitness goals. It may not happen overnight, but It definitely will happen. Patience is a virtue. Stay positive and go after it!

To be honest, the past couple of years it’s been my grandma who motivates me. I take care of my eighty-one year old grandma who was diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s disease. She motivates me in every aspect of life, specifically on a healthier life style. She motivates me to take care of my health and eat clean. She’s my precious angel!

I didn’t lose 28 pounds over night. It took months and months of hard work. The transition over was the toughest, but it’s completely possible. I admire anyone and everyone who puts that effort to start a healthier life style. I admire so many strangers I see at the gym daily and I always make sure to go up to people and compliment their progress. That may not seem like a huge deal, but you never know how much you can motivate a person! I wish success for everyone and I would love to help in any way possible!

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