Tricia MacAdam

Fitness Job Title: NPC bikini athlete and momma of two little girls.

Years of hard ass WORK in the gym and with my nutrition earned me these muscles and my physique. I’ve sacrificed and dedicated a lot to this beautiful sport of bodybuilding. I fell in love with this sport when I was in High School and my brother started weight training. My mom always supported our passion for fitness, which definitely was a blessing. She bought us an in home gym (cable & weight system) comparable to most apartment gym systems. My brother and I started reading up, learning more and more about gaining muscle, getting toned, leaning out, training, nutrition, supplementation with vitamins and protein etc. Me being the science nerd I am and loving to learn new knowledge. I kept going. I kept reading and learning. With science and math being my background I experimented as any scientist would. I experimented and used different diets, workout routines, repetitions, weight, supplements etc. Changing variables, keeping track and kept pushing myself to do better, as I would see what worked and what didn’t work for my body. This started in high school. I did my first cutting diet myself and learned about eating clean. I implemented it all and it worked!! I got to see my abs and kept most of my booty and muscle. I basically got my by body fat down low enough to see them. It still took me years of trial and error with always being dedicated and keeping not what worked for a woman’s body and what didn’t. I learned how to gain more lean sexy muscle the clean healthy way! Pure hard work!! So I kept going, kept learning, got better and better. I was always pretty active with running and cheer leading so cardio was always fun for me. It was what helped me keep my body fat down and my metabolism high. I learned more about nutrition and how it plays a huge roll with building muscle, getting lean and metabolism. I learned how to manipulate certain hormones our bodies produce which in turn boost our metabolism. there is always something new to read and learn about. I’m always building and fine-tuning my physique since I can always find something to improve on, so it makes it fun for me.
I’m such a hard worker better known as a hustler! It’s difficult for me to not give my 150% in anything I do. I do it with passion and I believe in myself. I have a fire that burns inside of me that fuels my ambition. I compete with no one but myself and always strive to be a better Tricia everyday! Even if it’s changing something little about myself it’s still change and change is KEY to success! I think my courage and being fearless has definitely helped me be where I am today. We only have 1 life to live; I believe we need to make the most of each day since each day is not guaranteed to us. Life is so very precious and people take it for granted. I am truly thankful and blessed. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others feel better about themselves, reach their fitness, health/wellness and life goals.
Being about this life and being a single mother of two little girls isn’t the easiest! I juggle more than a full time work schedule. I’m the assistant general manager at UFC gym Mission Valley, I have my own business coaching, training and doing clients nutrition programs. I have two daughters Taylor 6 and Victoria 4 years old. I also have to fit in my own training and gym time. Not an easy task at all. I manage to do it because I have no other option! I don’t like giving myself a plan B. Because if you give yourself an out you can slip up off track and not be on your A game or working towards your ultimate goal! With all that being said I have to budget for supplements, food, multiple gym memberships, gym clothes and shoes for me and the girls, living, etc. I don’t like to settle for mediocrity because remember we only have 1 life!! There are lots of nutrition stores that yes may have a discount on 1 of your supplements in your arsenal and then you have to pay super hug prices for the rest of the stuff so it’s not like your saving any money in reality! And I’ve been in places where I knew way more about supplements and the science behind taking them etc. than the guy working the deal who was just trying to sell me whatever. I love Ultimate Sport Nutrition; I usually go to the Chula Vista location. The staff is super knowledgeable (to my science nerd standards) and will recommend what is best for you and your goal and budget. They always have great specials and discounts so single moms like me can afford everything in my supplement arsenal. It takes more than just whole food to have your body running at its peak. Our bodies don’t produce all the necessary nutrients with whole foods alone so we must use supplements! I’m not talking crazy supplements, anything illegal or processed crap! Except on cheat day with food I’m all natural, I only put clean healthy things in my body hence why my body looks this way. Ultimate Sport Nutrition is there to help guide you, get you started, get you bigger, get you leaner or help you maintain. I truly love this lifestyle and sport of bodybuilding! Yes that’s right, I consider myself a bodybuilder because I am building and sculpting my physique. Anyone can change his or her body! You just need to be determined, have discipline and will power, be relentless, fearless and believe in yourself!!! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @triciamacadam and Facebook to Watch and see a day in the life of me.

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